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Slip and Fall Injuries

The winter time is here and slip and fall accidents and car and bus accidents seem to rise during this time. In the case of slip and fall accidents, when is the property owner responsible for your injuries? An experienced attorney can help you with getting compensated for your injuries. Some of the questions that an attorney […]

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Summer Fun or Family Tragedy

Every summer many parents look for activities to do with their children.  Amusement parks have the ability to take summer fun to a whole new level.  We always assume that all of the rides are safe.  This is true most of the time, but one slip by one of these massive machines and family fun […]

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Wrong Way Driving in Pennsylvania and Delaware County usually results in severe injuries.

Recently, wrong-way driving accidents  have caused fatalities and have been featured as the lead story of most news outlets. Wrong-way driving is the act of  driving a motor vehicle against the direction of traffic. Although some wrong-way driving accident are caused by someone who is under the influence of drugs or alcohol, most others are caused because […]

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