Sports Gambling Legalized!

putting a bet on sport games

On May 14, 2018, The United States Supreme Court ruled that the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA) is unconstitutional thereby legalizing sports betting on a state by state basis.  States are now free to legalize, regulate and tax sports betting.  Although it will not allow the public to bet on the Golden State Warriors getting points tonight against the Houston Rockets, it does mean that unless Congress passes a new law, that sports betting will soon be available in Pennsylvania.  According to ESPN, New Jersey will be the first state, in addition to Nevada, to offer sports betting.

However, eighteen states, including Pennsylvania, have already introduced legislation to legalize sports betting.  More states are expected to follow suit.  The landmark decision also means that daily fantasy sports companies like Draft Kings and Fan Duel will be able to dispatch the lawsuits filed by various attorney generals and freely operate their billion dollar industry.