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The United Nations has defined domestic abuse as a pattern of behavior within a relationship where one partner gains or maintains control over the other. 

Abuse includes psychological, physical, emotional, sexual, or economic threats or actions by one partner towards the other.

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What is abusive behavior?

Abusive behaviors are those carried out to intimidate, frighten, hurt, manipulate, blame, humiliate, or injure another individual. 

It is not limited to a specific age, gender, or racial group. It can happen to anyone, regardless of their religion, sexual orientation, race, or age.

Abusive behavior is not constrained to married couples. These criminal actions can happen between people who live together, who are dating, who are related by blood in any way, such as a parent or a child, or in any other relationship. It touches many people, regardless of their socioeconomic standing or educational level.

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Domestic Abuse is Manifested in Many Ways

If you are the victim of criminal abuse, you may be trying to find a pattern. You may be trying to understand if this is something within your power to stop. Yet, domestic abuse takes many iterations, and there is no rhyme or reason to explain when or why it happens. 

It can start between couples as early as the first date, between a parent and a young child, between two people who share a relationship, or in any other human contact. It happens when one party exerts control and power over the other.

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Common Signs of Abuse

These are some patterns of behavior that abusive partners tend to rely on:

  • Making fun of you or embarrassing you in front of family members or friends.
  • Putting down or minimizing your accomplishments.
  • Convincing you that you are incapable of making decisions.
  • Threats to force you to comply with their wishes.
  • Pushing, grabbing, hitting, shoving, or pinching you regularly.
  • Insisting that you are not worth anything without them.
  • Pressuring you to do sexual things for which you are not ready or are not willing to do.
  • Convincing you that being with them is the best thing that could have happened to you and that there is no way out of the relationship.
  • Keeping you from doing things you want to do, from getting a job to visiting your family in Media, PA.

Types of Abuse

Although abuse may occur only occasionally, the victim lives in constant fear that this criminal behavior will be repeated when least expected. The person carrying out these violent and criminal acts wants to establish and maintain control over the person receiving the abuse for reasons they alone can understand. 

Among the most common types of abuse you can find:

Emotional Abuse

When someone’s sense of self-worth deals with never-ending criticism or belittling comments, there is an emotionally abusive relationship between the parties. 

Other attitudes that cause emotional damage takes place when your partner:

  • Insults you and calls you names regularly
  • Mistrusts you and the things you do
  • Is jealous and possessive in all situations
  • Monitors every step of your daily life
  • Forces you to ask for permission for everything you do
  • Humiliates you in front of others
  • Threatens you and the children with harm

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Psychological Abuse

This type of abuse refers to intimidation, destruction of property, harm to children and pets, forced isolation from others, from work, or school.

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Economic or Financial Abuse

Being dependent on another person for everything also constitutes criminal abuse. If you have to live with your partner maintaining control over all of your financial resources, if you never have access to money, and are forbidden from going out to work, call one of our lawyers to help you put an end to this criminal behavior.

Physical Abuse

When your partner treats you with kicks, bites, burns, pinches, slaps, bites, pulls your hair, or denies you the right to obtain medical care, you are the victim of physical abuse. Also, when your partner:

  • Uses a weapon to threaten you
  • Forces you to leave your home
  • Locks you in the home and forbids you from leaving
  • Throws objects at you

These and other violent and criminal actions put your life in danger and may result in death. Our criminal defense attorney will fight with you and for you. 

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Sexual Abuse

When your partner forces you to participate in sexual activities with which you do not agree or when they accuse you of engaging in sexual acts with other people, you may be in a sexually abusive relationship. If this is your case, reach out to a protection from abuse attorney from Giribaldi & Manaras, P.C.

Get Legal Help from a Protection From Abuse Lawyer in Pennsylvania

If any of the above sound familiar to you, you may have gotten used to feeling scared of how your partner may react at any given point. Or you may believe that you must stay on because you are afraid of the consequences if you try to escape his criminal behavior. 

If you can identify with these attitudes, it is time for you to make that all-important call to your criminal defense attorney in Media, PA, and get the protection from abuse you desperately need.

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