Medical Errors A Leading Cause Of Death in The U.S

Most people think that doctors are miracle workers. Most of the time they are, because doctors can help and heal people. Unfortunately, doctors are also human and they, like everyone else, make mistakes. However, unbeknownst to most people, medical errors are more common than expected

A recent report indicates that medical errors are the third leading cause of deaths in the United States. According to a new study in the latest Medical Journal, most medical errors go unobserved. In fact, the study, from doctors at Johns Hopkins, suggests medical errors may kill more people than lower respiratory diseases like emphysema and bronchitis do. The doctors estimate that there are at least 251,454 deaths due to medical errors annually in the United States. It is important that when a loved one dies after going to the hospital, that you get an analysis from an experienced attorney to determine whether that person may have been subject to medical error. Give the professionals at Giribaldi & Manaras, a call,  610-891-8303, to discuss your case.