Should I settle my accident claim? or Should I file a personal injury lawsuit?

After a car accident, slip & fall (premises liability) accident, or other type of personal injury case, you have the legal right to pursue compensation for your injuries and losses through the court system. Most people think that an individual will be responsible for compensating the injured person, however, as a practical matter though, there is usually an insurance policy in place designed to cover your losses. The insurance provider will usually prefer to pay you a settlement amount in return for your agreement not to pursue a lawsuit in court. It saves them the costs of defending the case in court.

It’s also usually beneficial to the individual, the injured party, because no one has to wait for the court system to resolve the case, which can take many months or even years. If the individual opts to take the case to trial, one may run the risk of getting nothing if they lose. Settlement is a compromise between the injured person and the person liable for the “damages”. it is critical that the injured person choose the right law firm that may help them in obtaining the best results.