Summer Fun or Family Tragedy

Every summer many parents look for activities to do with their children.  Amusement parks have the ability to take summer fun to a whole new level.  We always assume that all of the rides are safe.  This is true most of the time, but one slip by one of these massive machines and family fun can turn into tragedy. Amusement park accidents involve incidents that occur in all types of amusement parks, including large parks like Disney World or Six Flags down to the smaller school carnivals.Each year amusement park rides get faster and bigger.  The companies that own and operate these amusement parks have a legal obligation ensure safety.  This means not only making sure that the rides are kept in a safe condition, but also maintaining the property. Paula Noone was recently awarded $1.5 million for injuries sustained on Cyclone roller coaster in Coney Island.  Ms. Noone suffered two herniated discs and a concussion due to inadequate restraints and excessive acceleration. If you or anyone you know were involved in any type of accident please feel free to contact Giribaldi & Manaras, P.C. at (610)891-8303.