Buying guns for others does not pay!

Recently, an Aston woman was arrested for purchasing two guns for her boyfriend. Her boyfriend was ineligible to purchase the guns because he was previously committed to a psychiatric hospital. According to the story, the girlfriend lied in her application and to the Police about the purchase.  Preventing guns from being passed onto ineligible individuals was behind the recent Brad Fox Bill.  In fall 2012, the brutal murder of Plymouth Township Police Officer Bradley Fox spurred the Pennsylvania legislature to pass — and Governor Corbett to sign — a law establishing mandatory minimum sentences for straw purchasers — people who use their clean records to purchase guns for prohibited purchasers.  The man who killed Officer Fox was unable to buy a gun because of his criminal record, but he paid another man over a period of time to buy him 9 guns, one of which was used to murder Officer Fox.

Thus, if this woman is convicted of this crime she could be looking at five “5” years in a State Prison. It is important to contact an experienced attorney when it comes to any questions regarding the purchase or sale of a firearm. Contact Giribaldi & Manaras at 610-891-8303 and speak to one of our attorneys.