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Delaware County Criminal Defense Attorney

If you have been charged with a crime in Delaware County, PA, you are probably in a state of shock. Fear, stress, and depressive feelings are likely also present. No matter what kind of charges these are, from the lowest level misdemeanor to the highest type of felony, the waves of worry that invade your body are unavoidable. However, you cannot let anxiety paralyze you since time is of the essence.

You also have to be careful whom you share this information with and what you say. The last thing you need to add to your current stressful situation is to have people spreading rumors about you or disclosing information about your charges or the alleged crime.

Take some of the heavy weight off your shoulders by working with an experienced Delaware county criminal defense attorney. The law firm of Giribaldi & Manaras, P. C has the experienced and aggressive legal experts you need now.

Call us to talk about the charges that you are facing in Delaware county, PA, and let us prepare a strong defense to fight for your rights. We offer a free, no-cost initial criminal defense consultation with no obligation to engage our services. Make that important call today.

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Some Pro-active Things to Do When Charged with A Crime

There are some actions you can take to get the legal process moving forward and rid yourself of some stress. These are:

You could be facing hefty penalties and fines that can affect you for the rest of your life. A criminal conviction can impact your education, employment, and even your immigration status. You may find that it’s very hard to find a job when your criminal conviction comes up in a background check, especially if you work with children, vulnerable populations, or with confidential information. If you have applied for a green card, your application could be denied.

If you have been convicted of a sexual offense, you will be restricted from living in certain areas. You may also lose your right to own a firearm or to have a driver's license. Also, if you are divorced and have children with your former spouse, then a criminal conviction could lead to having your custody privileges limited or revoked. If you decide to better yourself in the future, then a prior criminal record may disqualify you from receiving financial aid, grants, or scholarships. A criminal conviction may also hinder you from being able to take out a private student loan. Truly, everything is at stake

So if you have been charged with a drug crime, a DUI, a theft, an assault, or any other criminal offense, you need an attorney that is ready to protect you against the Commonwealth. Our office has represented individuals throughout Delaware County and in towns like Havertown, Drexel Hill, Aston, Springfield, Newtown Square, Collingdale, Broomall. If you’ve been charged with a crime, contact us to schedule a free initial consultation.

By talking to an experienced criminal defense lawyer in Delaware County, PA, and sharing with us the problem that you are facing, you will get someone that will perform an immediate assessment of the situation and provide you with valuable legal services on how to navigate this complex and worrisome problem without getting yourself in additional trouble.

This is the most important step you must take, and it should be your priority. At the law firm of Giribaldi & Manaras, P. C., we have the experience you need to fight your charges. Call us today.

Some other issues will also require your full attention. If you have children or are responsible for taking care of an elderly parent or spouse, you need to make arrangements for someone to take care of them while your case is ongoing.

Find someone you can trust to take care of the children or your spouse or parent. Getting arrested is worrisome enough; you don’t need additional issues to stress over.

Bills will come in despite your personal situation. Still, you can expect to miss some days at work which may impact your finances. However, you do not want to be arrested while at work or miss too many days. Do what you can to prepare for contingencies.

You should put together some cash and have it readily available should anything come up while your case is still ongoing. You may have to consider taking out a loan or having a thorough look at your bank statements to understand how much money you can count on. You will never regret having some money available for emergencies at this time.

Your Delaware County criminal defense attorney from Giribaldi & Manaras, P. C., will take every action to suppress your charges or get them dismissed, and we will always tackle your case from multiple avenues.

However, there is never a certainty of how things will develop and having a backup plan is always a good idea. For example, if you are facing drug charges, you may consider getting an alcohol and drug evaluation or a treatment for those issues. This way, you can show the court that you are fully committed to addressing the problem and thus may mitigate any punishment.

The truth is that the legal process is always complicated and filled with uncertainties. But having a plan of action and solving problems that may free your mind to focus on your case is always a positive way to go.

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How Your Criminal Defense Lawyer from Giribaldi & Manaras, P. C. Can Help You

The criminal justice system is large and complex. Within it, several agencies work together to fight crime and dispense justice. When you are arrested or face charges, this huge system is ready to start working against you to obtain a criminal conviction.

That is why it is so important for you to work with a Giribaldi & Manaras, P. C. criminal defense lawyer. Because you want to have someone on your side who not only understands the system and how it works but will also be familiar with your case and prepared to defend you and fight for your rights. Your legal team will also:

When your attorney hears about your case, it is up to them to conduct a thorough investigation into the alleged crime.

We will start by paying a visit to the scene where this alleged crime occurred to collect all available physical evidence.

We will talk to witnesses and gather their testimonies; they will obtain a copy of the police report, analyze its contents, and look at any other relevant documents.

While the police are also conducting their investigation to use it against you, your lawyer wants this evidence to discover holes in it, find gaps in proof, and uncover any inconsistencies that may result in reasonable doubt.

Your lawyer will want to uncover whether the police officers who arrested you did it according to the law or if they violated any of your constitutional rights.

If we can find this out, we can ask the judge to throw out the evidence since it was obtained unlawfully even before the case goes to trial.

Your lawyer will also help you navigate the complicated legal process and stand up to an overzealous prosecutor.

Your lawyer will want to know if you acted in self-defense, have a credible alibi, or if the charges against you are based on claims and testimonies from unreliable witnesses.

Finding out that the prosecution has a weak case or lacks sufficient evidence to prove the charges that have been leveled against you beyond a reasonable doubt will help your lawyer formulate and present a solid defense in your favor.

At all times, you can rest assured that you will have the right legal representation by your side, particularly once the trial starts.

Your lawyer will be your voice, object when improper testimonies and evidence are presented, cross-examine all witnesses, and present your defense to the jury.

At some point, you may have to choose between accepting a plea offer or going to trial in Delaware County, PA. You will not have to make this decision independently or without any basis on which to stand.

This is where the expert criminal defense lawyers from Giribaldi & Manaras, P. C. are your best asset.

Based on our ample experience, we can offer counsel and help you make the best decisions as your case works its way through the criminal process.

And if at any time you have doubts, you can always feel free to talk to us about them, and we will help you clarify any point that is causing you any confusion.

And if your family members are worried about you and want to know what is happening, we can also serve as intermediaries between the legal system and your loved ones, helping to ease their worries about you.

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Legal Services We Offer

Your criminal defense lawyer in Delaware County, PA, is prepared to help you fight any criminal charges you face, both in state and federal courts. Among them, you can count on us if you are facing any of the following charges or any other:

  • Drug Trafficking
  • Juvenile Offenses
  • Gun possession
  • Probation violations
  • Sex Crimes
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Remember to Remain Silent

We have found that it is very common for people to feel intimidated by the police. They know how to use the most aggressive tactics to get people to speak, and you may feel that what they are accusing you of is a lie and may want to offer clarification or explain what happened.

The truth is that you have no way of knowing what or how much they know about what they are alleging happened, and by saying too much, you may be helping them build a stronger case against you.

No matter how anxious you may be to give them your point of view, your best bet is to remain silent.

Otherwise, you may find that your own words will be used against you.

Other than providing your name or an ID, you should only say that you will not speak to them unless your criminal defense lawyer is present.

Your criminal defense lawyer will advise you on what to say and when. If you feel an urgent need to tell someone what happened, talk to your attorney.


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“Pete and Alex really helped me defend my criminal case with their extensive knowledge of the law and criminal defense experience.”

Ryan, Media, PA

Appealing a Conviction

If you are acquitted, you have reached the end of the legal charges against you and the end of your case. However, if you have already been convicted, this is not the end of the road since our lawyers can help you file an appeal.

When you receive a guilty verdict on some or all of the charges against you and you are convinced that you have been wrongfully convicted, let us hear about your case. We can help you by asking the judge to overturn the conviction and fight to have the jury enter a not guilty verdict.

Additionally, we can ask for a new trial, request that the judge set aside the current verdict entered by the jury, declare a mistrial, or file an appeal asking a higher court to reverse your conviction.

Through the appeal, we can request that a higher court review and change the decision that has been reached by the lower court.

A successful appeal can result in either restoring the case to its initial stages or, in other cases, it can end the case altogether by finding that there is insufficient evidence to call for a retrial. Remember that after a verdict you have limited time to appeal.

Reasons for an Appeal

Unfortunately, the option of filing an appeal simply because you are not satisfied with the outcome of your case is not a possibility. However, the option to file an appeal opens up when one or more of the following errors are present in your criminal case:


Evidence was either admitted inappropriately or excluded

If the rules of evidence were violated and if this could have had an impact on the court’s decision in your case.


The instructions of the jury were not correct

You and your lawyer may consider that this violated your right to due process.


The verdict is not supported by evidence

Your conviction should only come when it is supported by sufficient evidence to back up each element of your crime.


There is evidence that there was jury misconduct

If there is evidence that the members of the jury did not communicate correctly or that one or more of them used alcohol or drugs during both the trial or deliberations.


There was bias in the selection of the jury

You have a constitutional right to a jury that will be impartial.


The judge made mistakes either in their pretrial rulings or during the trial

In this case, it would be up to the court of appeals to decide if these mistakes were the reason why you were convicted.

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The legal team at Giribaldi & Manaras, P. C. is ready to help you fight for your rights after you are charged with a crime.

By sharing your story with us, we can help you navigate through the complex legal system and present a solid defense in your favor. There is no reason why you should wait any longer. Give us a call today.

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