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Thanksgiving + Christmas + New Year’s = Divorce Month?!?

The next seven weeks will be a magical time in homes all over the Delaware Valley. There will be fantastic meals, singing, roaring fireplaces, presents and more cookies than one can count. So why is January referred to as the Divorce Month? The first month of the new year has always had a tongue in […]

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A Big Thanks to our Great Clients Posting Great Reviews

We work very hard to reach a fair resolution for all of our client each time we step foot in a courtroom or approach a negotiating table. We are honored whenever a current or former client goes out of his or her way to recognize the effort of our attorneys and staff to bring resolution […]

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Experience Counts when Hiring an Attorney

Generally speaking, most folks are a bit anxious when having to hire an attorney. More often than not, folks hire a lawyer because they are in a jam. Whether you are going through a divorce or you have been accused of a crime, you already know that you need a lawyer. How should you go […]

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