Thanksgiving + Christmas + New Year’s = Divorce Month?!?

The next seven weeks will be a magical time in homes all over the Delaware Valley. There will be fantastic meals, singing, roaring fireplaces, presents and more cookies than one can count. So why is January referred to as the Divorce Month?

The first month of the new year has always had a tongue in cheek reputation in the legal community for being a month in which filings for divorce are higher than average. This is not simply an urban legend. The numbers back it up.

So does the psychology. Generally, people who file for divorce in January are simply making an attempt to get through one last holiday season. When asked, most people admit to marital troubles extending back well before the holiday season. A lot of times, couples want to offer children, family and friends a last happy glimpse of togetherness during the holidays before they move forward with separation. Similarly high stats for divorce filings are seen in the summer months when kids are done with final exams and out of school for an extended period of time.

Though the holidays can be a stressful time with financial struggles and challenges that come with hosting throngs of in-laws, the real trouble generally begins far before the first sign of chilly weather. If your marriage is in trouble, it is always a good idea to seek professional counseling and/or talk with trusted friends, family members, a priest, pastor or rabbi. If you must move forward with a filing for separation or divorce, always try to do so with a clear head and the best intentions for any children involved. Should you need any further counsel on the matter, you can call our office.