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In several of our recent car accident cases, our clients were contacted by their insurance companies and advised by those companies to contact “approved” auto body repair shops and medical professionals. The insurance companies claimed that this system was simply designed to provide better customer service and was purely informational.  Of course, as always, the insurance companies […]

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See Our New Video on Slip and Fall

Being involved in an accident is never a joy ride.  Slip and fall cases in particular are often a drag for all parties.  Injuries from slip and fall accidents are at the very least an inconvenience and can range all the way up to life threatening. Our job is to see to it that the victims […]

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Full Coverage on Your Vehicle is NOT Full Tort- Understanding Your Tort Election

Insurance companies often try to deceive individuals when purchasing an auto insurance policy by leading them to believe that full coverage for your car is the same as “full tort.” In order to protect you and your family in the event of an accident, you should always select “full tort” coverage.  This means that you […]

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