In several of our recent car accident cases, our clients were contacted by their insurance companies and advised by those companies to contact “approved” auto body repair shops and medical professionals.

The insurance companies claimed that this system was simply designed to provide better customer service and was purely informational.  Of course, as always, the insurance companies stated in certain terms that the receipt of this information “should not be considered confirmation of coverage”.

Our years of experience as car accident attorneys, and frankly common sense, dictates that insurance companies are out to serve their own best interest, not their customers.  The formula insurance companies utilize could not be more simplistic, they collect your premiums, invest the money, and payout as little money in claims as possible.

Per this philosophy insurance companies will recommend the cheapest auto body repair shops and not the most qualified.  In this way the prices are controlled by the insurance companies.  Many times this will lead to inferior workmanship and re-utilized or substandard parts.

The situation worsens when insurance companies attempt to dictate where you should receive medical treatment for your injuries.

In the event that you require medial treatment going to the cheapest health care provider could actually put your health at risk making a bad situation of being involved in a car accident even worse.  Insurance companies will send you to health care providers that are paid for by the insurance companies.  This enables insurance companies to once again control price and in some circumstances the length of treatment an individual receives.

When selecting a doctor, physical therapist, or any other health care provider you should always select a medical professional or facility you’re comfortable with and that you trust.

The good news is that car insurance companies cannot control which medical professional you chose.  They have to pay for the medical treatment you receive in accordance with your car insurance policy, meaning that your bills will be paid no matter where or from whom you receive medical treatment.

Insurance companies are out to serve their own best interest, not their customers.  The insurance companies will attempt to pressure you into using their  health care providers or auto body repair shops.  Do not let them get away with it.  Stand up for your rights.