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I Am going through a divorce, am I responsible for my kid’s college tuition?

Under the recent news about a teen suing her parent for college tuition, our Delaware  County clients have been contacting our firm to determine whether they are responsible for their child’s college tuition. The Pennsylvania Supreme Court, in the case of Curtis v.Kline,  indicated that requiring parents to be responsible for teen’s tuition violates the 14th Amendment of the Constitution. As such, no […]

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It’s Accident Season! Better Know a Lawyer.

If you talk with any one in the auto repair or towing business, you will hear quickly that this winter has been one that has yielded near record volume for folks who tow and repair damaged cars and trucks. The ice and snow, potholes and usual activity from deer have produced more than enough accidents […]

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Issues Surrounding Multiple Vehicle Accidents in Pennsylvania

Establishing liability in a car crash or truck accident involving more than 2 vehicles is very complex. More often issues arise as to who is at fault and whose insurance will cover medical bills and property damage to those injured in the accident. In addition, with the passing of the new law by Governor Corbett, […]

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