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Second and Third Offense DUI Defense in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania takes second and third offense DUI offenses very seriously. If you have already been convicted of a DUI and are now charged with your second or third DUI, you are likely very frightened about what potential consequences may be in store for you. For second offense DUI convictions, you may face the following penalties […]

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Issues Surrounding Multiple Vehicle Accidents in Pennsylvania

Establishing liability in a car crash or truck accident involving more than 2 vehicles is very complex. More often issues arise as to who is at fault and whose insurance will cover medical bills and property damage to those injured in the accident. In addition, with the passing of the new law by Governor Corbett, […]

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Many clients believe that they can handle a divorce with the “do it yourself” kits they buy at office supply stores. But in our experience, many people make five similar mistakes. 1. Not understanding child support– Spouses usually ask us questions like,  “What is child support?  Who pays child support?  Can I receive child support?,  and […]

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