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Expensive kiss leads to divorce!

Towards the end of 2013, Scorpion actress, Katharine McPhee was spotted kissing her then NBC series Smash director Michael Morris.  Morris at the time was married actress Mary McCormack.  In May of 2014, McPhee filed for divorce from her husband of six years, Nick Cokas The divorce proceedings were recently finalized. Unfortunately for McPhee her […]

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Wills and Children

Our own mortality is always difficult to accept, and I acknowledge that this article may sound a bit morbid, but there is an old saying, “there are only two things we can count in life, death and taxes.” Some people who are diagnosed with a terminal illness have the ability to make proper arrangements with respect […]

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Double Dip Prohibited In Divorce

How are marital assets that generate income, such as pensions, rental properties and IRA treated by the courts? Pennsylvania law had previously established that pensions and rental properties could be divided as property in equitable distribution or as income for alimony, but not both. However, in a recent decision by a Court of Common Pleas […]

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