Wills and Children

Our own mortality is always difficult to accept, and I acknowledge that this article may sound a bit morbid, but there is an old saying, “there are only two things we can count in life, death and taxes.” Some people who are diagnosed with a terminal illness have the ability to make proper arrangements with respect to their loved ones and finances.  Obviously, most people do not have this opportunity, most deaths occur without warning.   Creating a Will gives the ability not only to set your affairs in order, but, if you have children, it will allow you to provide direction for their future.  If your married and something happens to mom or dad, the other parent is there to pick up the pieces and continue to care for the children. What if something happens to both parents?  Who is going to care for your children?  Who will take care of their emotional needs?  Who will provide for their financial needs?  A Last Will and Testament gives you the ability to provide for your children’s support, well-being and education.

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