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Pennsylvania, Delaware County DUIs in Parking Garages and Parking Lots.

Most people are unaware that the police can arrest individuals for Driving under the Influence even when they are not driving on highways. Over the years, Delaware County Courts, Chester County Courts have considered different cases and interpreted “trafficway” and ” highway”. For example, the Pennsylvania courts have repeatedly stated that both normal parking garages and parking lots […]

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Expungements in Pennsylvania on the verge of changing soon

Expungement is the method that criminal charges to be erased from an individual’s record as if they never happened. In January of 2013, certain amendments were made to the criminal code that allowed juveniles to have their underage drinking record expunged within 6 months of their conviction. Now, the legislature is looking to amend the law by allowing expungement of […]

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School starting brings new problems.

Even though there is only one month of summer remaining before the start of school, many teens across Pennsylvania are trying to make the most of their remaining vacation time, including hanging out and partying with friends. Unfortunately, hanging out with friends may sometimes result in opportunities for underage drinking and possible arrests for the […]

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