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Brain injuries from slip and falls are a major risk.

Elderly people are more at risk to suffer from traumatic brain injuries (TBI). Most surprisingly, most people are unaware that slip and falls are the leading cause of brain injuries. Not only are falls the leading cause of TBIs, but the highest rate of hospitalizations and deaths resulting from TBIs occur in adults ages 75 and up. It doesn’t take […]

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The Real Story with Slip and Fall

Of all types of personal injury cases, slip and fall cases carry with them the greatest stigma. There is no doubt that years ago the system was abused and “victims” and even some lawyers likely went over the line when submitting claims or suing for pain and suffering. These days, however, property owners are protected […]

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See Our New Video on Slip and Fall

Being involved in an accident is never a joy ride.  Slip and fall cases in particular are often a drag for all parties.  Injuries from slip and fall accidents are at the very least an inconvenience and can range all the way up to life threatening. Our job is to see to it that the victims […]

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