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I Am going through a divorce, am I responsible for my kid’s college tuition?

Under the recent news about a teen suing her parent for college tuition, our Delaware  County clients have been contacting our firm to determine whether they are responsible for their child’s college tuition. The Pennsylvania Supreme Court, in the case of Curtis v.Kline,  indicated that requiring parents to be responsible for teen’s tuition violates the 14th Amendment of the Constitution. As such, no […]

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New Laws Aimed at Protecting Kids Hit the Books in Pennsylvania

January always brings new laws at the federal and state level. This year is no different. In Pennsylvania, we are seeing a bunch of laws aimed at protecting the welfare of children – specifically those who are thought to have suffered abuse at the hands of an adult. This may be our states reaction to […]

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Most practicing family law attorneys believe that if a spouse dies during a divorce action, that the case is “over.”  As a very prominent sportscaster would say “Not so fast.”, According to the  2005 amendments to the Divorce Code, there is a provision that allows for equitable distribution under the Divorce Code as opposed to a […]

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