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Havertown DUI attorney discusses recent U.S. Supreme Court DUI decision.

The Supreme Court ruled on April 17, 2013, that police must try to obtain a search warrant before ordering blood tests for drunken-driving suspects. The case stemmed from the arrest of a Missouri man. The state trooper stopped the man for speeding and swerving his car. The driver, who had two previous drunken-driving convictions, refused to submit […]

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Did I really operate a car under the influence of alcohol? Breathylzer Questioned.

A recent Dauphin County DUI trial has called into question the reliability of the widely used breathalyzer device, the Intoxilyzer 5000.  The device, commonly used by Pennsylvania State Police, is used to measure the blood alcohol content from an individual’s breath. Pennsylvania currently has a three tier system with respect to DUI charges.  The legal limit for […]

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50 ways to lose your Driver’s License.

Most people are unaware that there are over 50 ways to lose your license in Pennsylvania. It does not matter if you live in Delaware County, or Chester County, what matters is that you become aware that you may lose your driving privileges for many reasons other than just a DUI. In today’s economic situations, having […]

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