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On August 26, 2015, in the case of Watts v. Manheim Township School District, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court ruled that a school district must provide transportation to students whose parents live at different residences within the same school district. In recent years the Manheim Township School District instituted changes in its transportation policy which included eliminating transportation […]

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In custody situations, holidays are one of the most litigated issues that parents have. It is very important for the children’s best interest and for the parent’s sake to plan ahead to avoid litigation. Here are some tips: 1. Know what the Custody Order or Stipulation says.Make sure you are familiar with the terms of the Order, or […]

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The Number of Single-Parent Households Headed by Fathers is increasing.

Recent research, by the Pew Research Center,   shows that the number of single father households in the U.S. has steadily increased during the past few decades, from 1% in 1960 to at least 8% in 2011.  Some experts have opined that these changes are an overall evolution of how society views fatherhood. With the new […]

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