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I Am going through a divorce, am I responsible for my kid’s college tuition?

Under the recent news about a teen suing her parent for college tuition, our Delaware  County clients have been contacting our firm to determine whether they are responsible for their child’s college tuition. The Pennsylvania Supreme Court, in the case of Curtis v.Kline,  indicated that requiring parents to be responsible for teen’s tuition violates the 14th Amendment of the Constitution. As such, no […]

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Many clients believe that they can handle a divorce with the “do it yourself” kits they buy at office supply stores. But in our experience, many people make five similar mistakes. 1. Not understanding child support– Spouses usually ask us questions like,  “What is child support?  Who pays child support?  Can I receive child support?,  and […]

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Pennsylvania, Delaware County DUIs in Parking Garages and Parking Lots.

Most people are unaware that the police can arrest individuals for Driving under the Influence even when they are not driving on highways. Over the years, Delaware County Courts, Chester County Courts have considered different cases and interpreted “trafficway” and ” highway”. For example, the Pennsylvania courts have repeatedly stated that both normal parking garages and parking lots […]

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