New DUI Legislation in Limbo in PA House

We commented a couple weeks ago that new DUI legislation had passed 50-0 in the PA State Senate and was slated to pass seamlessly in the House guaranteeing a handful of changes to DUI prosecution and penalties in PA in years to come.

And then…nothing.

Politicians in Harrisburg have taken breaks to come back to their home districts for elections. They will reconvene for a short time in November during which they will have the opportunity to push this law through, but some are skeptical that it may die due to the end of session, in which case, it will have to be reintroduced in both houses next year.

The reason that some in the know are wondering out loud if this legislation will pass the House in November is based on the fact that it could have passed in October and did not. Either way, do stay tuned. We will keep you updated.