DUI Arrests on Memorial Day? – DUI by the Numbers in Pennsyvlania

With Memorial Day coming up this weekend, we wondered which of the major holiday weekends is actually the most dangerous on the roads. Apparently the Philadelphia Inquirer wondered the same thing about a year ago and here is what they came up with from stats taken from 2012:

DUI Related Crashes

1. New Year’s Weekend, 26.3 per day, 79 total for three-day weekend (No. 5 for total).

2. Labor Day Weekend, 22 per day, 88 total for four-day weekend (No. 1 total).

3. Easter Weekend, 18.7 per day, 56 total for three-day weekend (No. 7 total).

4, Thanksgiving Weekend, 17.2 per day, 86 total for five-day weekend (No. 2 total).

5 (tie). Christmas Weekend and July Fourth Weekend, 17 per day each, 85 total each for five-day weekend (tied for No. 3 total).

7. Memorial Day Weekend, 16.5 per day, 66 total for four-day (No. 6 total).

— Randomly selected weekend, June 7-10, 7.5 per day, 30 total for four-day weekend.

That’s right! Of the major holiday weekends, Memorial Day is not nearly as bad as many of the others as far as accidents are concerned. However, it certainly has its fair share of DUI arrests! About 100 per day in fact. Check this out:

DUI Arrests

1. Labor Day Weekend, 110 per day, 440 total for four-day weekend (No. 2 for total).

2. Thanksgiving Weekend, 101.8 per day, 509 total for five-day weekend (1).

3. Memorial Day Weekend, 101 per day, 404 total for four-day weekend (4).

4. Easter Weekend, 97.2 per day, 292 total for three-day weekend (6).

5. New Year’s Weekend, 95 per day, 285 total for three-day weekend (7).

6. Fourth of July Weekend, 86.4 per day, 432 total for five-day weekend (3).

7. Christmas Weekend, 69.6 per day, 348 total for five-day weekend (5).

— Randomly selected weekend, June 7-10, 65.3 per day, 261 total for four-day weekend.

That said, this is absolutely a weekend to be careful while you celebrate. Don’t celebrate too hard, but if you do, please try not to drive. If you are charged with driving under the influence in Delaware County, as always, hire a lawyer.