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55 Years for Selling Weed, Really?

Paul Cassell, formally a federal judge, and now a law professor at the University of Utah, has asked President Obama to commute a marijuana dealer’s 55 year sentence. Weldon Angelos was convicted of selling marijuana to a police informant on 3 separate occasions charging the informant $350.00 each time. The informant told police that Angelos […]

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Top 10 DUI Attorney Award

Alex Giribaldi Has Been Nominated and Accepted as a 2015 AIDUIA’S 10 Best in Pennsylvania For Client Satisfaction The American Institute of DUI/DWI Attorneys has recognized the exceptional performance of Pennsylvania’s DUI Attorney Alex Giribaldi as 2015 10 Best DUI Attorney for Client Satisfaction. The American Institute of DUI/DWI Attorneys is a third-party attorney rating […]

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One billion not enough?

As our firm previously indicated,  a One Billion Dollar ($1,000,000,000.00) Divorce Settlement was offered by oil tycoon Harold Hamm to his soon to be ex-wife  Sue Ann Hamm. Even though, both parties have appealed the divorce settlement, Mr. Hamm nonetheless forwarded a check for just under Nine Hundred Twenty-Five Million Dollars ($925,000,000.00) to Mrs. Hamm. Mrs. Hamm […]

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