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55 Years for Selling Weed, Really?

Paul Cassell, formally a federal judge, and now a law professor at the University of Utah, has asked President Obama to commute a marijuana dealer’s 55 year sentence. Weldon Angelos was convicted of selling marijuana to a police informant on 3 separate occasions charging the informant $350.00 each time. The informant told police that Angelos […]

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New Technology may prevent Drugged Diving

In the United States, many drivers are no longer just driving under the influence of alcohol but also under the influence of drugs. According to the National Highway Traffic Administration, drug driving offenses are on the rise and are found to be more dangerous than drunk driving. A civil engineer, who previously worked for NASA, […]

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DUI and possible alternatives to jail?

In today’s society, Driving Under the Influence arrests have been on the rise and many individuals are being sent to jail instead of given treatment for their addictions. Recently, a panel in Delaware County has been studying and investigating possible alternatives to jail. The panel is looking into creating a DUI treatment court that would target DUI […]

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