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New DUI Legislation in Limbo in PA House

We commented a couple weeks ago that new DUI legislation had passed 50-0 in the PA State Senate and was slated to pass seamlessly in the House guaranteeing a handful of changes to DUI prosecution and penalties in PA in years to come. And then…nothing. Politicians in Harrisburg have taken breaks to come back to their home […]

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Get Ready for Interlock Devices for First Time DUI Offenders in PA

Last week, the Pennsylvania Senate passed a bill that would require an interlock device to be installed in the vehicles of first time offenders whose blood alcohol level tests above .10. This is level is not too far above the threshold definition for criminal DUI which generally begins at .08 in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. […]

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Aggravated Assault vs Simple Assault in Pennsylvania

In Pennsylvania, there are two types of assault a person may be charged with. Simple assault and aggravated assault. If you are a charged with one or both of these crimes, it is important that you (and, of course, your attorney) know the difference . To convict a person of Simple Assault, the Commonwealth of PA […]

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