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Texting While Driving in Pennsylvania

We are constantly hearing about new traffic laws up for debate at the federal, state and local level. Generally speaking they have to do with safety. And when the issue of safety behind the wheel comes up, you can all but guarantee the debate will be over DUI or cell phones. While talking on a […]

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Memorial day is recognized as the unofficial beginning of summer. Most people willl celebrate the holiday by traveling to the shore and to the mountains. During this holiday, police departments increase their patrol and initiate many DUI checkpoint. It is very important that if one drinks during memorial day one should not drive. It is also important that […]

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Hey Philadelphia, do you have a Will?

Do you know how your property will be distributed to your loved ones? If you don’t have a will, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania will be more than happy to handle it for you.  If this is not how you wish the fate of your estate to executed, the creation of a will is the sole […]

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