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Relocation under the new Child Custody Act

When the new Pennsylvania Child Custody Act passed last year, it left two opened questions for litigants to argue over: First: when does a move constitute a relocation? and Second: Can the moving parent challenge the move being considered a relocation? Relocation is defined as “a change of residence of the child which significantly impairs the ability […]

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Folks from all over Delaware County are following Giribaldi & Manaras, P.C. on Facebook for the latest in legal news from around the Delaware Valley.  We ask you to do the same!  Remember, at Giribaldi & Manaras, P.C.,  we aim to deliver the highest level of advocacy and personal attention to all of our clients. If you […]

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Divorce Attorneys in Delaware County, PA

Do you know how your property will be distributed to your loved ones? If you don’t have a will, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania will be more than happy to handle it for you.  If this is not how you wish the fate of your estate to executed, the creation of a will is the sole […]

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