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What factors can influence personal injury settlements?

Many of our personal injury clients ask us to tell them the value of their case when they first walk into our office. They are surprised by the answer that it is impossible to know the value of a case at the inception because many factors go into a determination. Some examples of factors to […]

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New National Safety Council Data – Sobering Stats

The National Safety Council released the 2014 edition of Injury Facts, a report which for the last 90 years has given Americans and the world a reasonable snapshot of how we are most likely to be injured or killed as a result of injury. This is not recommended bedtime reading by the way. You would be […]

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It’s Accident Season! Better Know a Lawyer.

If you talk with any one in the auto repair or towing business, you will hear quickly that this winter has been one that has yielded near record volume for folks who tow and repair damaged cars and trucks. The ice and snow, potholes and usual activity from deer have produced more than enough accidents […]

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