Should I be Giving Police a Statement?

Many of our clients unfortunately give incriminating statements to the Police that ultimately help the Commonwealth obtain a conviction. Here are some of the reasons why you should NOT talk or give a statement to the Police without an attorney:

  1. Talking to police CANNOT help you, because if they are talking to you, they probably  suspect you committed a crime;
  2. Even if you’re guilty, and you want to confess and get it off your chest, you still shouldn’t talk to the police, because a lawyer will be able to negotiate a better deal;
  3. If you are innocent, in giving a statement you may forget a fact or tell a little lie that can be used by the police to somehow show that your whole statement may be a lie;
  4. Even if you are innocent, and you only tell the truth, and you don’t tell any little white lies, it is possible to give the police some detail of information that can be used to convict you regardless of your innocence;
  5. Some people believe that giving a statement will get them leniency or a deal in exchange for their statement. It is important to know that the police do not have authority to make deals or grant a suspect leniency in exchange for getting as statement;
  6. Any evidence you turn over to Police could be used against you in the future.

Don’t let the police tell you that you have to make a statement. The Constitution of the United States dictates that you have the right to refuse, and the right to request an attorney.

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