Every year, tens of thousands of students attend colleges and universities in Delaware County PA and the Greater Philadelphia area. On their own and away from home for the first time, college students can easily find themselves in trouble with the law.

Driving under the Influence (DUI)

You’re in college, so you’re an adult and you can drink, right?


If you’re under 21, it’s still illegal for you to drink under Pennsylvania  law.  Courts, colleges, and the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation all take drinking restrictions very seriously. If you attend Villanova University, Widener University, Cheyney University, Cabrini College, Swarthmore College or Neumann University and you are caught drinking underage, you could be in serious trouble.

Underage College Drinking

Police often go into college-area bars — near or around the college and /or university and check the ID’s of everyone inside.  Anyone caught with a Fake ID could face prosecution, including a misdemeanor or potential jail time.  School suspension and expulsion are also possible consequences.

Whether you face criminal charges from use of alcohol in a dorm or frat party, drinking or drug use on campus, or even caught with an open container in your car…you could lose your housing and even be forced to take mandatory drug or alcohol tests while enrolled at school in towns and boroughs such as Wayne, Radnor, Chester, Aston, Swarthmore, Media, Wallingford, Glen Mills and any other town in Delaware County.

How Our College Crime Lawyers Can Make a Difference

College students, graduate students and high school students don’t always make intelligent decisions.  If a poor choice leads to an arrest, you should engage an experienced and aggressive criminal defense lawyer with a reputation for getting results.  At Giribaldi & Manaras, P.C. our attorneys are experienced, aggressive, and we protect our clients’ futures.

We are Pennsylvania lawyers representing and fighting for the interests of minors students and juveniles throughout Pennsylvania.   Our law practice defends juveniles and students facing criminal charges, juvenile court matters and traffic matters throughout Pennsylvania.  We are based in suburban Philadelphia (Delaware County) and are experienced in representing our clients in courts throughout PA.

There is nothing funny about facing criminal charges.   A criminal conviction or juvenile adjudication can have a lasting impact on a student or juvenile.  Even paying a traffic ticket without the benefit of legal advice can result in points, license suspension and drastic increases in insurance premiums.

Does it really pay to handle this matter yourself or trying to keep it from your parents or guardians?  Are you looking for a lawyer who is aggressive and experienced and reasonable?  Speak to one of our attorneys to discuss your options, the consequences of a conviction or fine payment and the best options available to you.

We represent college students, teenagers, juveniles, and minors charged with crimes, alcohol and drug offenses such as DUI, Drunk Driving, Underage Drinking, False ID, Furnishing Alcohol to a minor, possession or delivery of marijuana, pot, cocaine or heroine; crimes such as Retail Theft, Credit Card Theft, Bad Checks, Identity Theft, Assault, Harassment, Stalking; Juvenile Court matters; and traffic citations   We represent clients attending schools including