Driving While Suspended PA


If you were pulled over and found to have been driving with a revoked or suspended license in Pennsylvania, you may have discovered that doing so is a criminal offense. As a summary offense, it carries a $200 fine and a one-year license suspension.

If you are facing these charges, you should call a criminal defense attorney in Pennsylvania from Giribaldi & Manaras, P.C. You need an attorney with the legal expertise to fight for your rights and get you the results you seek. Set up an initial consultation today, and let us start working on your case.

Elements Needed to Convict You for Driving While Suspended or Revoked

The government can convict you for driving while suspended or revoked by proving three elements which are:

  1. That you were indeed driving your vehicle on a highway within the limits of the state of Pennsylvania.
  2. That you were doing so while your license was revoked or suspended and that it has not yet been restored.
  3. That you were aware of the fact that your license had been revoked or suspended because you had received a notice informing you of the suspension.

Your criminal defense attorney in Pennsylvania from Giribaldi & Manaras, P.C. knows that the government will have a hard time proving that you received this notice since evidence that the notice was mailed is not enough to prove that you were informed of its contents. 

Additionally, since you will not be under any obligation to get on the stand and testify, the prosecution faces an even more significant problem. Working with an experienced lawyer will make all the difference in how your case develops.

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If you are facing criminal charges for having driven a vehicle while your license is suspended In Pennsylvania, give us a call today and give us all the information you have on your case.  We may find a solution based on the fact that the government cannot prove that “actual notice” of the suspension exists.

DUI-Related Driving While Suspended

If you are driving a motor vehicle under suspension and it is DUI-related, you will face a summary offense that carries a mandatory jail term. In this case, it will also be up to the government to prove that you had “actual notice” that your license had been suspended. If you are charged, you should know that this is a severe offense. You must have skilled legal help to avoid serving jail time and fighting this charge. 

Your lawyer will plead your case, looking for a lesser charge, and fight for a suspension of your incarceration. Let us discuss your case and determine how to beat your charge or plead it down to a lesser offense. Call us today.

Penalties for Driving Under a DUI Suspension

A summary offense for driving while suspended under a DUI will be prosecuted at a Magisterial District Court. If you are facing this charge, you should know that the penalties associated with it are quite stiff.

A first offense comes with a $500 fine and a mandatory jail sentence that may run between 60 and 90 days.

If your blood alcohol content while driving with a suspended license is above .02%, the fine rises to $1,000, the jail term increases to 90 days, and you will face an additional license suspension of 1 to 2 years.

Further violations of driving with a suspended license result in even harsher penalties.

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At Giribaldi & Manaras, P.C., we understand how difficult your life can be when you have a suspended license. All of a sudden, things you used to take for granted become obstacles that you must overcome. You have a hard time going to work or school, run any necessary errands, and, should an emergency arise, you have no way to get around. 

The situation turns even direr if you live in a rural area where other means of transportation are much harder to come by and, in some areas, may not exist.

Suppose you have received a charge or have been arrested for driving a motor vehicle with a suspended license or with a DUI, with a license that has been canceled or revoked. In that case, you may consider that you have the perfect justification for being behind the wheel. Yet, no matter how much you try to convince the authorities of the reasoning behind your actions, it is likely that the police will not see things the same way.

At Giribaldi & Manaras, P.C., your lawyer understands the importance of having a driver’s license. They will empathize with you when you explain how hard it is to conduct your life without it. That is why we are known for the hard work we put into fighting for our clients’ rights and their freedom to operate a motor vehicle and resume their daily activities. We will fight aggressively to get you your license back.

Why you Need Giribaldi & Manaras, P.C. By Your Side

Giribaldi & Manaras, P.C. lawyers know that your license may have been suspended or revoked for different reasons. It could be due to an accumulation of points on your driver’s license or maybe because of traffic violations. It could also be due to a DUI or because you are suffering from a medical condition like dementia. Whatever the reason, we are ready to help you fight for your rights. To achieve this, we will develop a solid legal strategy to get your license reinstated; we will also fight to get any penalties reduced.

If your license was suspended due to points, we are also here to help. We are familiar with the procedures and administrative processes of the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation and are prepared to present an appeal to recover your license.

Contact our attorney immediately to leave this nightmare behind you and get your license reinstated as soon as possible. Schedule your initial consultation now.