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How to stop a Foreclosure on your home?

Unfortunately, with today’s economy, more and more people are falling behind on their mortgages which may result in more banks and lenders filing for foreclosure actions. What should you do? the most important thing to do after being served with a Complaint in Foreclosure is to contact an attorney to stop the process. This is […]

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Superior Court makes mandatory minimums unconstitutional

In a recent case, of  Commonwealth v. Blackney, — A.3d —-, 2016 WL 7322797, 2016 PA Super 287 (Dec. 16, 2016), The Superior Court reasoned that the mandatory minimum provisions requiring a mandatory minimum sentence for a second or subsequent offense of failing to register as a sex offender, is unconstitutional. The court concluded that applicable section […]

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Medical Errors A Leading Cause Of Death in The U.S

Most people think that doctors are miracle workers. Most of the time they are, because doctors can help and heal people. Unfortunately, doctors are also human and they, like everyone else, make mistakes. However, unbeknownst to most people, medical errors are more common than expected A recent report indicates that medical errors are the third leading cause […]

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