DUI may affect a professional’s ability to earn a living.

According to the Medical Board, drugs and alcohol abuse are the third most common triggers for suspensions against physicians. Unfortunately, many physicians believe that a DUI will not affect their medical license to practice and earn a living

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. This misconception could not be farther from the truth. The best evidence of this is to look at any given agenda of the Pennsylvania State Board of Medicine to see the sheer number of adjudicatory files of the Prosecution Division for these types of offenses. It is important when and  if you are charged with a DUI, to contact a firm with some of the best dui lawyers in Delaware County, Chester County and the Philadelphia area. The DUI attorneys at Giribaldi and Manaras have been representing individuals charged with Drug and Alcohol DUI for a combined thirty (31) years and possess the legal experience to help you when you need it most.