According to the New York Times, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission is investigating hoverboards in an effort to confirm that they were in fact the source of 29 emergency room visits and at least 11 fires.  Airlines have already banned hoverboards and Amazon and will no longer sell some brands. There are at least two known lawsuits involving hover boards. In fact, a couple in Alabama is suing a local hover board retailer after one of the devices caused a fire in their home. Similarly, in New York, a class action suit is being brought against the manufacturer Swagway and Modell’s sporting goods where the hover-board was purchased

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. This product may cause many ongoing lawsuits, if you or anyone you know has any questions about the hoverboard and any other product’s liability issues please feel free to contact Giribaldi & Manaras, P.C. at (610)891-9303.