Unfortunately, you were arrested for a DUI. It does not mean that your case is over. Ther are 4 things that everyone should do that can help individuals defend a DUI.

1. WRITE DOWN EVERYTHING- Details, is where many DUI are cases are won or lost. You should write down everything that you can remember from the DUI stop and arrest. Memories fade.

2. REMOVE PHOTOS AND POSTS OF YOU DRINKING AND PARTYING FROM ONLINE-As the adage says “Anything you say can and will be used against you” District attorney usually look for Facebook or Instagram for incriminating photos to use against a defendant.

3.IDENTIFY WITNESSES– find any witness, talk to anyone that saw you the evening you were stopped. Ask if they remember anything? and ask if they will testify.

4.HIRE THE BEST DUI ATTORNEY-The most important decision you’ll make for your DUI case is which lawyer will defend you in court. You need an attorney who is aggressive and vows to fight for your case, your license, and your rights. Contact us today for your free initial consultation where we can discuss your case and your options .